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Did you know that studies have shown that having a job can reduce recidivism and that individuals are less likely to commit crimes when they have stable, full-time employment? Empathetic employers, like you, could be the catalyst to increasing public safety in your community by joining our JobPath Network. Some benefits you can enjoy are: 

Tax Breaks and Incentives

Companies can receive a $5K fidelity bond each year for hiring prior convicted individuals and several other tax breaks and incentives for veterans.

Positive Public Image and Recognition

Companies in the JobPath Employer Network are recognized for their commitment to social responsibility and giving individuals a second chance.

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Access to a diverse pool of skilled and motivated workers who may have faced barriers to employment in the past.

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Lower recruitment costs due to potential tax credits and incentives associated with hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds.

Employee Loyalty and Retention

Increased loyalty and commitment from employees who appreciate the opportunity for a fresh start.

Skills Development and Training Support

Access to training programs and support services to help individuals reintegrate into the workforce successfully.

Compliance with Equal Opportunity Employment Laws

Demonstrates a commitment to equal opportunity employment and compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Community Engagement and Social Impact

Engagement with the local community and social impact by providing opportunities for those seeking a second chance.

Recent Victories

How We’ve Made An Impact So Far

None of this can be accomplished without the support of local Metro-Atlanta employers. We want to connect, collaborate, and grow our partnership network, known as the JobPath Network. All in efforts provide greater awareness to the benefits of hiring people with criminal backgrounds and livelihood problems. 



Georgia Vocational Solutions hosted 4 Community Job Fairs with the help of Amazon providing notoriety among our community.



Witron hosted 2 virtual job readiness workshops providing a wealth of information and mock interviews for GVS job seekers and provided several employment opportunities. 


Recovery Consultants of Atlanta

 Worked in collaboration with Georgia Vocational Solutions to aid 18 homeless veterans in the Metro-Atlanta area providing them nearly $20,000 in scholarship funding for GVS courses.



Partnered with Georgia Vocational Solutions and has been a huge catalyst for many of our students finding gainful employment.


Georgia Power

Hosted a hiring workshop for veterans and discussed the various opportunities for growth within their company.


Our Process Is Simple

We keep our partnership opportunities simple and available all year round. We understand the complexity of hiring employees with complicated backgrounds and circumstances. GVS offers support services for employees and employers alike. 


Schedule A Meeting with GVS President and Board:

Georgia Vocational Solutions leadership will sit with you and discuss your company’s needs, history, and employee opportunities.


Choose A Program:

GVS student population is categorized into two major categories: a) Dream Beyond Incarceration (link to page) and b) Veterans 2 Work (link to page). It is important that each employer discusses their preferences and their obligations as an employer within the GVS JobPath Network. You will be responsible for coordinating hiring workshops, attending job fairs, and actively participating with GVS for various job readiness activities.


Sponsor Your Program:

Due to the requirement of each student to complete a certification program with GVS prior to undergoing employment, we encourage employers to sponsor students within their interested program.


Start Hiring:

As students are applying and going through our program all year long, employers may attend weekly intake or submit job opportunities via email to jobs@mygvs.org.

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Training Program Requirements:
Network Participation: